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My Pregnancy Details

Due Date: 12/25/17
Delivery Site: PResby/Plano
Physician/Midwife:Dr. Berry SMith
Service package: premium

Payment Status: $0
Deposit: $500 due 9/8/19
37 Week Payment: $650 due 9/10/19

My Doula Schedule 

Initial Consultation
Tuesday August 15, 2017 | 6:00P | Panera on Beltline

Prenatal Visit #1

Prenatal Visit #2

Childbirth Class

Labor Date

Post-partum Visit #1

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Additional Support Options

Looking for additional support? Want to Schedule a Childbirth Class or Nutritional Consultation? Inquire below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a childbirth class? 

Schedule a private, in-home childbirth class prior to your labor & delivery. In this 2 hour session, we will cover comfort measures, delivery strategies, baby care, post-partum self-care, as well as answer any questions you may have about childbirth. It is a MUST for first-time parents. 

Fee: $150

What is a Nutritional Support? 

For moms who are struggling with their health & diet, get expert nutritional and exercise advice beyond the standard "eat your veggies and exercise" from a certified holistic health coach. Tracy will help you to create a diet and exercise plan that is customized to your unique health & lifestyle needs. You and your baby deserve the healthiest pregnancy possible. Complementary follow-up regarding your nutritional support meeting will take place during all of your pre and post partum visits. 

Fee: $150

Extra Prenatal Visit

Pregnancy comes with many surprises. Sometimes an extra Prenatal visit is just what you and your partner may need to prepare for labor & delivery.  Is there a new pregnancy complication? Are you now high-risk? Is your doctor recommending bedrest? Scheduling an additional prenatal visit can bring back peace of mind and fill you with confidence while awaiting your bundle of joy. 

Fee: $120

Extra Postpartum visit & Lactation

From lactation help and maternal care to holding baby while you shower or grab lunch with the girls, bring your trusted Doula to your home to provide expert care to your newest family member. This service is especially important for parents of premies and children with special needs.

Fee: $50/hour